Spa Pedicures

About Our Spa Pedicures:


Relax in the luxury of our vegan,gluten free, paraben free and cruelty free spa experience and give your feet the attention and pampering that they truly need. Our spa products not only contains the finest quality ingredients but it is also

  • The cleanest and most hygienic Spa Pedicure solution.

  • Enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs.

  • Each product is individually packed so it always fresh with the right amount of product for a single pedicure.

Start off with dead sea salt soak that naturally detoxifies and infused with antioxidants. Sugar scrub gently exfoliates dead cells from the skin.. The moisture mask deeply nourishes and also helps draw out impurities from the skin. Then finish off with the massage butter, a perfect hydrator that is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins for a healthy skin.

Our Selection of Scents


Soothe and Purify. Jasmine helps in treating dehydrated skin. Its aroma also helps soothe the body and mind $47


Recharge, Relax, Radiate. Exhausting day? Recharge your feet with Vitamin C and invigorate your mood. $47

Therapeutic Spa - OCEAN REFRESH

Refresh & Cool. Deep sea nutrition helps to increase circulation. Peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation. $56


A Burst of Lavender Aroma. Stressful day? Relieve with Lavender Aroma Therapy that soothes skin irritations and restores skin complexion. $47


Purify & Replenish. Green tea helps in purifying and detoxifying for visibly younger, tighter, and radiant skin. $47