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Planning to visit ?

If you are a first timer, planning ahead is a great way to ensure that your visit with us will be more enjoyable.

Schedule Ahead

1. Call ahead or Book Online to schedule your appointment.This will allow us to service you at the right day and time, at your own convenience of course.

2. Please be sure to  schedule the right service. Many times clients are not aware of what the service is called, For an example, clients call in needing a Refill but instead ask for a Gel Manicure. Oops!! YES,  this happened before and it hurts our hearts every time we go through it. Please understand that there is a BIG difference in the two services, sometimes confusion on services may affect the ability of the nail artists abilities to accommodate the clients due to the limitation of  time.We would hate for this to happen  to you that is why we can't stress enough about booking the right service.

3. The best experience starts with the right nail artist. We have over 10+ nail artist at our shop and everyone is great but some of our nail artist have invested over 10 + years into this business and have very faithful clients and their books are always full.  If you want a spot with them and experience their expertise please request for them. We have  junior nail artists, senior nail artists and our master nail artists. Please note that senior and master nail artist have prices that are slightly higher than the price list listed on our menu. Call in to get the pricing.


***When booking online please remember to select the right service provider. Also if you would like your entire service done with one tech, make sure that you've selected that same tech for any/all additional service you've added. If you don't remember to do this, any additional service you may add will automatically be divided between two or more techs. 

4. If you have gel color on we will ask you to come in 15 mins earlier then your appointment time to soak them off and use that time to also look for a new color.We know how  much fun it could be just browsing through 200 + colors and losing track of time. This is why we ask you to come in earlier giving you plenty of time to go crazy and change your mind again and again and again within that time.

5. Please note that not all of our nail techs do nail art. If you would like nail art please mention what kind of art you would like when you schedule your appointment (intricate or simple). This way we can arrange the right nail artist just for you, thus giving them enough time to cater to your artsy needs. 

Need some nail art inspiration? Follow us on instagram at fn_nails and get inspired. 

Can't Make it to

Your Appointment

No Problem.......

6. We understand that things happen, life is crazy like that! All we ask is if you can't make it to  your appointment is to inform us by calling us 24 hrs ahead or cancel your appointment online. This way it frees up our appointment book and allow some other poor soul who is in dying need of a mani and pedi  to take your place. BTW, by notifying us ahead of time our nail artist won't feel stood up either,we can all be happy!

7. Running late? We have a grace time of 10 mins. If you are more than 10 mins late we may not  be able  to accommodate you depending on our books and  the client that is coming right after you.  Please understand that we respect all of our appointments, if you are late and your service requires a lot of time we don't want to rush your service and make you unhappy. We can not go over our time and be late for our next client.


Many clients may not know this, but if one client is late and we service them it will make the nail artist run behind all day for the rest of their clients, thus creating many unhappy clients and is a recipe for a bad bad day. If we have the time we will be MORE than HAPPY to wait and service you, call us to let us know.

Happy Clients are


the Best Clients

8. Depending on what you do and how much you use your hands, your nails may take a good beating. Even the best manicure may not be able to help but no worries if your nails chipped within 1-10 days of your service we are here to help. Call us and let us know we are more than happy to fix you up and get you going again!

Ok, it looks like you are all set. We hope this little intro to our shop helped....if you are ready to book your appointment

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