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she can conquer the world."

Nothing is more important then the health of your lashes. So Protect and maintain the health of your lash extensions and natural lashes  with these products.

Why is it so important to clean your lashes? 

Because our eyelashes are a natural  collector of pollen, dirt and allergens in the air it is very important that it must be cleaned daily. When wearing eyelash extensions the lash line is more prone to debris getting caught in the lash line therefore daily washing is a must. If proper clean is not done daily, allergies are increased and dead skin begins to build in the lash line thus causing irritations


Bella’s Lash Detox is a foaming, lightweight, oil-free eyelash extension cleanser that can be used as an add-on service for clients to remove make-up from the eye area. This gentle water-based cleanser, enriched with chamomile and saponaria extracts, is specially formulated to nourish natural lashes and enhance the life of eyelash extensions.


Intelliseal is Bella’s topical sealing coat formulated to help cure eyelash extension adhesive, while simultaneously nourishing natural lashes and increasing the bonding life of the extensions.


. Volume Touch has the thickest formula that amps up your natural lashes and extensions, without damaging the adhesive bond. Formulated with sealers and binders the mascara help to cure and maximize adhesive bond strength while vitamins and minerals help to nourish natural lashes and promote healthy growth. 


Infinity Lash Eyelash Serum, with our exclusive lash-stimulating peptide complex, penetrates the lash line to help lengthen and strengthen natural lashes without the risk of serious side effects. The serum contains a blend of nutrients and vitamins to hydrate, condition and strengthen brittle lashes and is clinically proven to strengthen lashes by 72% in just four weeks. Use twice per day for 4-6 weeks for maximum results.






• Strengthening serum that enhances natural lashes

• Can be used on eyebrows

• Contains hydrating vitamins

• Conditions and strengthens natural lashes

• Thicker, fuller lashes in 2-4 weeks

• Pentapeptide formulation to promote new lashes

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