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Feet Services

At FN we take pride in our customer service and cleanliness of our salon. We are always striving to bring the best products and the best services to each and every single client, so in order to protect and provide a safe pedicure we use single used items. This means that after we use it on you, we will dispose it. We provide pedicure liners for each client and also use disposable pumice buffer, nail buffer and nail files. Enjoy your pedicure everyone!

About our pedicures:



Our pedicures are made for those who wants to maintain a healthy foot care all year round. Healthy feet starts with a great pedicure. Getting a pedicure regularly helps preserve skin's moisture. Exfoliating the skin of dead cells promotes circulation and most importantly helps with early detection of foot problems.


Please Note: Our nail techs are scheduled for only a certain amount of time for each service. If a client's feet requires more time and tender, our techs will try their best to accommodate to the client's need during that scheduled time frame. Tech's may recommend a different kind of pedicure for the client based on the client's foot need. Products for each pedicure are also different, time spent on the pedicure varies depending on the type of pedicure the client have chosen.












Signature Pedicure:


Not all pedicures are created equally! Indulged and pamper your feet with our special soak to melt away all of your troubles. This pedicure includes trimming, shaping and cuticle care. Followed by exfoliation with our vitamin E enriched sugar scrub to help soften your feet. Callus eliminator to help get rid of any dry callus on your heals, then finished off with a leg and feet message using our scrumptious butter cream to lock in moisture all day.  $38

Healthy Feet

Happy Feet


Gel Pedicure:

(Most popular pedicure)A pedicure that will last! We highly recommend this pedicure if you are traveling on vacation or somewhere important and cannot take a risk on having any chipped toe nails.  All of our pedicures includes trimming and shaping of the nails. Cuticle maintenance, callus eliminator, sugar scrub along with pumice buffering followed by light massage using our vitamin enriched butter cream and finishing off with a gel polish of your choice. $53

Toe Polish Change Regular Polish: This include trimming of nails, file and light buffer. Finish with your choice of polish. $18

Gel Toe Polish Change:  This include trimming of nails, file and light buffer. Finish with your choice of gel  polish. Without soaking $23 / with soaking $28

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