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 Dip Powder

The new generation of nail enhancement technology

A Healthier Choice

for Nails

With 200 beautiful and pigmented colors to choose from this new and innovative product will sure be your next guilty pleasure!

The Dip Powder Nail System was created with one goal in mind. To provide healthy, toxic free nail products for all customers to enjoy!

 Dip Powder has the Big 5-Free Ingredients. This means that the products are free of






Why choose dip powder?

 Dip powder is a cross between acrylic and gel polish, this innovative product is thinner then acrylic but heavier than the gel polish. Best for people with thin brittle nails that breaks. This product is applied onto your natural nails or if you like we can add nail extensions and make it longer.


The dip method involves painting nails with a special primer coat, then another coat of what we called the base coat, then the finger is dipped in a jar of colored powder. The process is repeated twice per hand and it dries without placing hand in any UV light. The removal process is easy and will not damage the nail bed. 







If you wear acrylics and want to take break from it or for those who has gel nails but want something more durable. $46 on natural nails/ add extensions $15 more.

This product is wonderful 

and a healthier alternative

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